Man Without Purpose

Hello there, I’m pleased to make your acquaintance. My name is Erik. While we’re sitting here together, I might as well tell you how I got to be in this situation. I was born of a mother and father that were your standard type A personalities. They were constantly competing to be the best, and … Continue reading Man Without Purpose


Books I read during my absence 

So for nearly three months, I was told I couldn't continue writing. That hurt a little, but it didn't stop me from reading to pass the time.  I read several books, some good and some bad, and some that I have read many times before.  As a matter of course, some Vonnegut and Greene with … Continue reading Books I read during my absence 

And we are back

Hello again, Due to the nature of the job that pays the mortgage, I had to stop writing in this blog until the ethics official reviewed the potential conflicts of interest and gave me their blessing to keep writing.  After months of reviews and inquiries, I received an approval letter and can write (nearly) anything … Continue reading And we are back


via Daily Prompt: Center The Unpredictable Adventures of Inspector J.R. Pinkerton - Volume 1, Issue 4 Inspector Pinkerton had been in the university's research center for quite some time, he had been meditating on it to try to recall just how long he had been in the facility.  It was a tough thing to figure, … Continue reading Center

Clean coal: putting a filter on a cigarette doesn’t make it healthy

  Over the past few years, I’ve had to do a lot of research on energy and energy policies. This comes from multiple angles: sustainability, policy, environmental impacts, social factors, and political factors among others. Many things about our energy policies don’t make a lot of good sense until you look at all the factors. … Continue reading Clean coal: putting a filter on a cigarette doesn’t make it healthy

Not at the dinner table

Here we are.  We live in a world of political correctness, contentious political issues, religious bickering, bigotry, xenophobia, intolerance of all shapes and sizes.  'Not at the Dinner Table' is where these things are discussed!  After all, who wants to argue about contentious topics in a place where everyone has access to a knife?  I … Continue reading Not at the dinner table

Sitting around the campfire 

This post serves as a belated introduction to the topic 'The Campfire'.  The Campfire is where stories are told, experiences are shared, laughs are had, and people come together.  This is nothing new, for as long as humans have had the skills required to harness the element of fire, we have gathered around its warming … Continue reading Sitting around the campfire 


via Daily Prompt: Clean The Unpredictable Adventures of Inspector J.R. Pinkerton - Volume 1, Issue 3 Pinkerton thought to himself, "Where am I?", as his partner led him somewhere that smelled new.  He could smell freshly cut grass, marijuana, putrifying beer and vomit, flowers, opioids, perfume, body odor, amphetamines, and a horrifying amount of body spray … Continue reading Clean

The death of objectivity in America

Living in America today is drastically different from any point in the past.  There are a lot of issues confronting the modern citizens of the United States: a crushing national debt, exorbitant education fees, politicized healthcare, the list goes on for days.  Americans live in one of their most materially blessed and socially embattled states … Continue reading The death of objectivity in America