Here on Upending, you may find something that entertains you, something that makes you think, or simply an easy way to relax and read a short story.  The goal isn’t to make earth-shattering changes to your day, and it is certainly not intended for these stories to make you feel as if you are wasting your leisure time.

I am a part time blogger that makes a concerted effort to post enjoyable stories more than once a week.  You may enjoy The Unpredictable Adventures of Inspector J.R. Pinkerton, a series based purely on the Daily Prompt on the day it is written (you can find that and other stories through the ‘Looking for something?’ navigation menu).  There are also a number of other posts in Entertainments and The Campfire that can give you a look into the mind of the man behind the keyboard.

I tend to test-run many of my story ideas through this blog, if they do well enough they will continue to appear.  If a story doesn’t do very well with you, I will go back to writing about the things that you all seem to like.  Feel free to send me a message about your reading experience here, I welcome all messages; whether they be criticism, corrections, praise, or requests of any sort.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you come back often!