Books I read during my absence 

So for nearly three months, I was told I couldn’t continue writing. That hurt a little, but it didn’t stop me from reading to pass the time.  I read several books, some good and some bad, and some that I have read many times before.  As a matter of course, some Vonnegut and Greene with a smattering of Poe, Frost, Shakespeare, and other classics were re-read. I also read Gaiman’s new book along with some well-written history and mythology books on the same vein. These were the great and the good.  But, like any other human being, I most remember the bad and the ugly.  

I don’t mean to bash on any particular person, and won’t stoop to trolling the poor author.  The book I have in mind isn’t a terrible book in terms of plot, and the storyline was entertaining in spite of its frenetic nature.  My gripe lies in the poor character development, frequency of spelling errors, and heavy use of stereotypes and/or unnecessarily foul language.  I expect this from a novice writer, an amateur that has not been published before, or a teenager writing out of their perception of angst for English classes.  I don’t expect it from an author of many novels who has won many prestigious awards multiple times over.

I mean, when you have editors and proofreaders on the payroll and you’re already the recipient of six Hugo Awards, there is some expectation that your novel won’t be something that is repulsive to read due to crap spelling and poor characters.  I read a lot, I really pride myself on finishing every book I start, but I had to force myself to finish that one.  It seemed forced, the writing had a poor flow, and the novel on the whole made the author seem like an idiot.


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