via Daily Prompt: Clean

The Unpredictable Adventures of Inspector J.R. Pinkerton – Volume 1, Issue 3

Pinkerton thought to himself, “Where am I?”, as his partner led him somewhere that smelled new.  He could smell freshly cut grass, marijuana, putrifying beer and vomit, flowers, opioids, perfume, body odor, amphetamines, and a horrifying amount of body spray deodorant; the inspector suddenly knew he was on a college campus.

Soon, Pinkerton was led into the genetics lab, where his partner had arranged to meet a team of researchers that were on the cutting edge of gene therapy. The inspector was to be ‘set free’ from his ailments if Tomkinson had his wish.  George spoke with the genetic tinkerers regularly since J.R. became his partner.

The scientists had isolated the genes responsible for the regenerative abilities of salamanders and newts. They had also shown in animal testing that insertion of urodele amphibian genes into animals with disabilities could ‘heal’ them.  The intention was to use Pinkerton, a well-known combat veteran with well-documented disabilities, as the first human test in order to make headlines.  J.R.’s partner convinced him to go along with the scheme, and Pinkerton signed on for the project.

Over the next several months, Inspector Pinkerton was kept in an amazingly clean and hypothetically sterile environment, under constant surveillance. Within days of the first gene manipulation, his hearing started to return. Next came his vision.  By the second week, the Inspector had a clean bill of health, but the researchers never found out.  Pinkerton was a wily old soldier, and he knew the implications of this kind of gene therapy.  He did everything he could to make the project fail.


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