Writers lacking the give-a-damn to write well

I’m not saying that everything I write has impeccable spelling, grammar, and flow.  I firmly believe that once you claim to be an expert, you are simply a tool.  What does bother me though, and to no end, is when I read a newspaper article, a journal article, or a book and find numerous spelling and grammar errors.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but shouldn’t the writers and editors be checking that before they publish?  I can understand some mistakes on a blog, as there’s just one person looking at their work before publishing.  Just because spellcheck didn’t catch it, doesn’t mean that we have to be subjected to rubbish though.

This is a bit of an open call to writers and editors: download a grammar app.  They are endlessly useful, will catch things that a simple spellcheck will miss, and will make you look less like a mouth breather.  As a fair warning, I tend toward sending nasty grams to major publishers for putting garbage out.  Also, I muted @AnneRiceAuthor on Twitter due to the constant political rambling and the rampant spelling errors; it was making me really upset, and I don’t have to deal with it.



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