The death of objectivity in America

Living in America today is drastically different from any point in the past.  There are a lot of issues confronting the modern citizens of the United States: a crushing national debt, exorbitant education fees, politicized healthcare, the list goes on for days.  Americans live in one of their most materially blessed and socially embattled states in the nearly two and a half centuries since their independence was won, and are looking for answers.  The answers are becoming hard to find; the real answers.

The ‘Fifth Estate’ has become a primary source of information for many, as the mainstream media is consumed with fighting for partisan interests and sensationalism.  The rest of the sources of information – blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc. – are not helping the situation.  The echo chamber of the internet has distorted every shred of information.  So who can we trust to get unbiased, completely objective news?  It certainly is not the newspapers, nor is it network news. We apparently have nowhere to go to form our own informed opinions of the world and everything else under the sun.

It matters very little which news outlet one looks at, each is obviously biased – mostly along partisan lines – and they are constantly bombarding all of us with inflammatory rhetoric, partisan opinions, and other forms of propaganda.  Objectivity died at least a century ago in practice.  It is simply a philosophical teaching that has been filed alongside the Greek philosophers in a drawer labeled ‘for academic consumers only’.


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