Hello Visitors,

The philosophy of Upending is to objectively look at issues through the lens of available knowledge.  This blog will focus on a variety of topics, reflecting on life and the world around us.  Occasionally I will post ‘entertainments’ of fiction or fantasy that are frequently based on the facts of life, world politics, social issues, and strange happenings.  Fiction and fantasy will be categorized separately from the rest, and are intended solely for entertainment purposes.  Anything else will be labeled accordingly, with attributions and references at the bottom of each post as necessary.  I will make every effort for this to be original work, the basis of which is common knowledge.  I will take what I believe to be common knowledge, synthesize the various items as appropriate, and hopefully deliver a thought-provoking post that will open up some dialogue about those sore, touchy, difficult issues that we are always trying to avoid.  If something on this blog challenges your beliefs, worldviews, mores, or other sensibilities, then two things can happen – you may continue reading if you choose to, or you may move on to the echo chamber of the internet where everything you choose to read is in line with what you want to believe.

I have been writing since I was a child in various genres and topics, having written for newspapers, magazines, project requests, and scientific research.  I have spent over twenty years learning to objectively look at things, writing my first news column in my early teens.  I am a people watcher, and I fancy myself as a reasonable and objective person.  I enjoy looking at difficult topics from multiple angles to form a well-informed opinion.  If I upset you, it is not my intention.  My intention is to make people think; think about themselves, think about the world, think about thinking.  If you have a constructive comment, want me to write about a particular topic, or have found an error in my writing; by all means, please contact me and I will address the issue.  Unless I have an overwhelming amount of correspondence, I will do my best to give individualized answers to any who asks.

I always have an answer, it may not be the answer you were looking for, but an answer no less.  I hope you enjoy the blog and, if you do, please share it with someone.

Welcome to Upending,

– C.R.


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